Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom can be quite quirky and the Magic Cookies are no exception. However, the Blackberry Cookie is rather solemn and carries a grim expression on her face.

The Blackberry Cookie is considered to be the Adventurer Cookies’ employee. Throughout the story, you’ll see that the Blackberry Cookie saves Adventurer Cookie from inviting trouble. Interestingly, she shares a close bond with the Onion Cookie.

Blackberry Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

She shares a bond with Adventurer Cookie as well as the Onion Cookie. You can view those in “At the Mansion” and “Ghost of the Tower.”

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Get the Blackberry Cookie

Gacha Probability of Blackberry Cookie and her Soulstone (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

The Blackberry Cookie can be unlocked by drawing from the regular Gacha. As it’s a Rare Cookie, the probability of drawing it is the same as the other Rare Cookies—37.660%.

The chances of you drawing Blackberry Cookie are 0.380% and that of her Soulstones are 2.310%.

Blackberry Cookie unlocked (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

Blackberry Cookie is a Magic Cookie. If you add her to your squad, she will take up a rear position. Her special ability is aptly called ‘Ghost Servants.’

Just like the name suggests, she summons a few ghosts and hits the enemies. At the same time, the Critical Strike Chance of the allies goes up.

To make her more powerful, you can add the Searing Raspberry topping.

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How to Unlock Blackberry Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom| Blackberry Cookie Guide


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