Once you get some groups of Cookies that share a relationship, you will additionally obtain some perks or bonus effects. The relationships of the Cookies are clearly shown in the brief stories describing how the Cookies are connected. So, you will get some buffs through Cookie Bonds and what is beneficial is that they all will work for all of your Cookies. Later you will be able to increase the buffs in case you promote the involved Cookies.

Check the promotion level of all the Cookies in your group. The received level of the buff will be equal to the level of the lowest Cookie. And if you want to reach the next level of the Cookie bond, please make sure that the promotion level for all the Cookies you have is the same.

Meet all Cookies+50HP
1 ★ Promotion+250HP, +30ATK
2 ★ Promotion+300HP, +30DEF
3 ★ Promotion+60ATK, +35DEF
4 ★ Promotion+500HP, +90ATK
5 ★ Promotion+120ATK, +50DEF

Please pay attention that all the buffs are put together. The next buff cannot replace the preceding one. So, if you promote all the Cookies from your collection to 5, you will be able to get additional stats equaling +1100HP, +300ATK, and +115DEF per Bond.

​Cookie Run: Kingdom Bonds List and Combinations

Now let us, please cover the list of Bonds in Cookie Run: Kingdom and all their possible combinations.

Best Birthday Gift Ever!GingerBrave Strawberry Cookie Wizard Cookie Custard Cookie III Chili Pepper CookieA Royal Dynasty?Princess Cookie Custard Cookie III Knight Cookie
Forest EncounterPrincess Cookie Tiger Lily Cookie
Less is MoreGingerBrave Muscle Cookie Ninja Cookie
Carrots, CARROTS!Carrot Cookie Beet CookieAt the MansionBlackberry Cookie Adventurer Cookie
Ghost of the TowerBlackberry Cookie Onion CookieSibling Rivalry?Alchemist Cookie Vampire Cookie
A Matter of PrideAlchemist Cookie Wizard Cookie Snow Sugar CookieSnowy PromiseDark Choco Cookie Milk Cookie Purple Yam Cookie
Escape into the TwilightRye Cookie Chili Pepper CookieNight of TrickstersGumball Cookie Pancake Cookie Cherry Cookie
I Want to FlyPancake Cookie Angel CookieThe Green DawnHerb Cookie Clover Cookie
Celestials, Guide Me!Madeleine Cookie Angel CookieThe Smithy’s ClienteleAvocado Cookie Knight Cookie Madeleine Cookie
We’ve Never MetEspresso Cookie Madeleine Cookie
Sparkling Cookie’s RegularsSparkling Cookie Mint Choco Cookie Vampire Cookie Herb Cookie
Oh no! Allergies! Oh no! Allergies !.jpgKumiho Cookie Pancake Cookie Werewolf Cookie Tiger Lily CookieCoin Toss MatchBlack Raisin Cookie Strawberry Crepe Cookie
On a Graduation DayLatte Cookie Almond Cookie Cream Puff CookieOperation Poison MushroomLicorice Cookie Poison Mushroom Cookie Fig Cookie
Angels & DevilsAngel Cookie Devil Cookie Pastry Cookie

It is all you need to know about bonds and their benefits in Cookie Run: Kingdom. We wish you good luck in using them!

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