Barrel Inn is one of the many buildings you can place in your Kingdom to manufacture useful items for your Cookies. The Inn will produce different types of drinks, including scrumptious root beer! The Barrel Inn makes items with very specific and limited uses, so you can currently only have one placed in your Kingdom. To obtain the Inn, you must first upgrade your Cookie Castle to level 9.

How to Use Barrel Inn in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Inn manufactures drinks that can be used at the Tree of Wishes and the Train Station. It starts with 2 slots (1 item per slot) for the production queue, and stores items in stacks of 20.

  • Cream Root Beer (Building Level 1) = 10 Biscuit Flour + 1 Happy Planter
  • Redberry Juice (Building Level 2) = 12 Jellyberry + 1 Bear Jelly Toy
  • Vintage Root Bottle (Building Level 3) = 50 Roll Cake Wood + 2 Spooky Muffin
Cream Root Beer, Redberry Juice, Vintage Root Bottle

How to Upgrade Barrel Inn in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Upgrading the Barrel Inn can only happen once the Cookie Castle is at level 9 or above:

  • Level 1 (9hr Production Time) – 1 Cotton Candy Wool + Pinecone Birdy Toy + 1 Enchanted Stake (+ Coins)
  • Level 2 (2D 18hr Production Time) – 20 Aurora Compass + Enchanted Candy Tong (+Coins)
  • Level 3 (5D Production Time) – 25 Aurora Pillar + Glittering Yoghurt Wreath + Indestructible Glazed Hammer (+Coins)

Happy crafting!

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