How to unlock Aztec in Goldeneye 007

battling through the aztec level in goldeneye

One of the most classic shooter games of all time is Goldeneye 007, the FPS title based on the James Bond films. Many years after its release, Goldeneye has now been ported to the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. If you have never checked out the game, this is the perfect time to do so. The perk of Goldeneye’s system is that it has a few different difficulty settings, making it friendly for new and seasoned players alike. Those up for a challenge can unlock Aztec, a postgame area that definitely isn’t for the novice FPS player. This is how to unlock Aztec in Goldeneye 007.

How To Play On Secret Agent In Goldeneye 007

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Goldeneye has 3 different levels of challenge available for players to choose. There’s Agent, which is the basic one that’s universally easy. Also here is Secret Agent, which is significantly trickier but not necessarily hair pulingly so, and then 00 Agent, the one for experienced players. The main difference between all of the challenges is how many enemies you face, obstacles that do more severe damage, etc. The higher levels force you to learn how to conserve your resources, how to complete droves of tasks quickly, and how to deal with multiple enemies at once.

How To Play Aztec In Goldeneye 007

To access Aztec, you simply need to complete all parts of the Secret Agent setting. Once you do that, Aztec will become available. This is one of the most intense parts of the game in terms of difficulty, with enemies that use everything from guns to grenades. Those guards move very quickly and have a cat’s eye precision in terms of aiming, they will ever rarely miss you. In the picture above, several guards were alerted at once and swarmed after one was shot. There is also a boss here called Jaws, who you need to beat in order to get a special item that allows you to move forward in this section. He’s a tanky enemy who won’t go down easily, so you’ll have to plan for it accordingly.

Aztec is not an easy level by any means, but with some practice and good strategies, you can get through it just like any professional FPS gamer! You can play the Goldeneye 007 port on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox today!

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How to unlock Aztec in Goldeneye 007


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