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How to Unlock and Beat Temple in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

How to Unlock and Beat Temple in 20 Minutes Till Dawn
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If the idea of battling hordes of enemies as the last survivor while racing against the clock sounds exciting, 20 Minutes Till Dawn is a game that will surely entertain you. “20 Minutes Till Dawn” is an intense roguelike arena shooter that challenges you to survive until daylight breaks. With relentless monsters closing in on you, it won’t be an easy feat. Moreover, this gripping game offers multiple maps, each presenting unique monsters to overcome. In this guide, we will help you unlock the second map, Temple, and share helpful tips to beat it in “20 Minutes Till Dawn.”

20 Minutes Till Dawn Temple Unlock Guide

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In 20 Minutes Till Dawn, players have access to three thrilling maps: Forest, Temple, and Pumpkin Patch. Forest serves as the initial level and is freely available for all players. However, unlocking the remaining two maps requires some effort. To gain access to the Temple map, players must first successfully clear the Forest map, which means surviving in it for 20 minutes. Mobile players are presented with two options to unlock the Temple map: they can either watch video advertisements or make a monetary purchase.

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All You Need to Know about the Temple map

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Unlike the Forest map, this level restricts your movement with limited space to evade the encroaching monsters. To add to the challenge, numerous pillars are scattered throughout the map. Fortunately, unlike the Mysterious Trees encountered in the previous map, these pillars do not pose any threat or inflict damage. Players must remain aware of the pillars to avoid collisions while fighting monsters.

Here are all the enemies that appear in the Temple map:

  • Hastur (boss): 30,000 HP
  • Yog (boss): 10,000 HP
  • Winged Terror (elite): 18,000 HP
  • Spawner (elite): 2,000-10,000 HP
  • Elder (elite): 1,000 HP
  • Squid Monster (small enemy): 24-300 HP
  • Sploder (small enemy): 30-400 HP
  • Big Sploder (small enemy): 500-2,000 HP
  • Lurker (small enemy): 50-500 HP
  • Cultist (small enemy): 500-600 HP
  • Lamprey (small enemy): 60-500 HP

As you battle these monsters, be sure to collect all experience orbs and quickly unlock upgrades. With powerful upgrades, beating the Temple map is next to impossible. We recommend obtaining powerful characters, unlocking character upgrades, and weapons before attempting to beat the Temple map in 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Players might need to attempt the Temple multiple times to learn the attack and movement patterns of enemies.

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How to Unlock and Beat Temple in 20 Minutes Till Dawn