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20 Minutes Till Dawn – How to Unlock Watering Gun

Learn how to unlock the Watering Gun, one of the new weapons in 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

Survive the ever-encroaching dark forces in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, a top-down survival roguelite game. Hordes of otherworldly beings are closing in on you, and you must survive for 20 minutes until the soothing light of dawn approaches. There are a variety of weapons to defend yourself with, including a… watering can? Here is how to unlock the Watering Gun in 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

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Unlocking the Watering Gun in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn‘s 1.0 update is finally here, and with it comes three new weapons: Cyclone Sword, Salvo Knives, and the Watering Gun.

To unlock the Watering Gun, start a run on the Forest stage. As expected of a forest, there are trees all over this stage, so find one and start attacking it. The trees have a lot of health, so bringing one down may take a while.

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Your crimes against nature do not go unnoticed, as once you take down a tree, the other trees suddenly uproot and start attacking you. Destroy as many of them as you can and continue with your run as normal.

As your stage timer is about to run out, a secret tree boss spawns in the stage. Focus on taking it down, as your run will not end until you destroy it for good. Once you do, the Watering Gun is unlocked.

The Watering Gun is an interesting weapon, as it shoots out small bubbles with extremely short range. The Watering Gun also summons a Spore Flower that orbits around your character. Shooting the Spore Flower five times with the Watering Gun makes it launch 7 spores at nearby enemies.

The general strategy with the Watering Gun is to constantly aim at your Spore Flower to bombard nearby groups of enemies. If you are watering the Spore Flower enough, you should not need to use the Watering Gun directly on enemies.

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20 Minutes Till Dawn – How to Unlock Watering Gun