How to Unlock All Roze Skins in Warzone 2 – Guide

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All of the Operators in Warzone 2 have several selectable skins that players can choose from—this includes Roze, a returning character from the game’s previous version who received a total overhaul looks-wise.

All of Roze’s skins (including the operator herself) aren’t terribly difficult to get. However, Warzone 2 players might want to concentrate their efforts when unlocking these cosmetics because obtaining all of them might take a while.

Every Roze skin in Warzone 2 and how to get them

Roze has a couple of skins that anyone can unlock just by playing the game. She also has a few premium ones in the battle pass and cash store, such as the LA Thieves skin that caused quite a stir when it was first released. Fans of the traditional Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and Warzone 2 will have to step away from their favorite modes for a while if they want to unlock Roze’s free skins since they’re locked behind the many missions of DMZ.

Before jumping off that plane to Al-Mazrah, it may be best to actually get Roze first. Players who don’t have her yet can get her default skin by simply getting a kill within a five-meter range.

How to get Roze’s Triage skin

Roze's Triage skin in Warzone 2
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The first of Roze’s free skins is called Triage. To get it, players need to finish Espionage in Black Mous‘ list of Tier 2 DMZ quests. This mission will have players rummaging through a non-descript poppy farmer’s house in Al Mazrah to find and hack a politician’s laptop—nothing complicated, but keep an eye out for other operators who might be doing the same thing.

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Here, she ditches the coyote brown camo in favor of an almost completely black BDU with matching tactical gear. Thankfully, it’s not at all problematic in dark maps as some would assume since Roze’s face is completely uncovered.

How to get Roze’s Relentless skin

Roze's Relentless skin in Warzone 2
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The Relentless skin is unlocked by finishing the Breaking and Entering DMZ quest, which only becomes available after reaching Tier 4 with Black Mous. This skin abandons the subtlety offered by Triage for a slightly more visible, purple-sleeved battle dress along with Roze’s usual assembly of belts, holsters, and protective equipment and a splash of warpaint over her eyes and cheeks.

Both of the aforementioned DMZ faction missions can be done solo but going in with a group is highly recommended, especially for the latter quest since it involves storming an area that’s full of high-tier NPCs, and players only have a four-minute window to wrap things up.

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How to Unlock All Roze Skins in Warzone 2 – Guide


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