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How to Unlock All Profile Icons in New Pokémon Snap

How to Unlock All Profile Icons in New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap offers plenty in terms of optional content. By playing the game, unlocking Research Titles, fulfilling Requests, and completing the daily activities of a Lental researcher, you will be able to unlock new items that will let you customize your photos and your profile so as to stand out more when you decide to engage with the game’s online modes.

Here’s how to unlock all of the profile icons in the game.

How to Unlock All Profile Icons in New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap

Default Icons

These icons are available from the start of the game.

  1. You
  2. You (Smiling)
  3. You (Heart-Eyes)
  4. You (Surprised)
  5. Type: Flying
  6. Mountains
  7. Research Base
  8. Research Camera
  9. NEO-ONE
  10. Lental Travelogue
  11. Research Course
  12. Monitor
  13. Illumina Orb Machine
  14. Lab Flask
  15. Test Tubes
  16. Computer
  17. Stack of Books
  18. Potted Plant
  19. Firewood
  20. Lantern
  21. Crest
  22. Rsearch Logo
  23. Day
  24. Flower
  25. Fruit
  26. Your Cap
  27. Your Smarwatch
  28. Your Bag
  29. Your Shoe

Research Titles Icons

These icons can be obtained by unlocking specific Research Titles

  1. Type: Normal – Unlock the research title Normal Collector.
  2. Type: Fire – Unlock the research title Fire Collector.
  3. Type: Water – Unlock the research title Water Collector.
  4. Type: Electric – Unlock the research title Electric Collector.
  5. Type: Grass – Unlock the research title Grass Collector.
  6. Type: Ice – Unlock the research title Ice Collector.
  7. Type: Fighting – Unlock the research title Fighting Collector.
  8. Type: Poison – Unlock the research title Poison Collector.
  9. Type: Ground – Unlock the research title Ground Collector

Requests Icons

These icons are unlocked by completing specific LenTalk requests

  1. Professor Mirror – Complete the Say Cheese request
  2. Professor Mirror (Smiling) – Complete the Croagunk Chorus request
  3. Professor Mirror (Heart-Eyes) – Complete the Swirling Energy request
  4. Professor Mirror (Surprised) – Complete the Power of Xerneas request
  5. Rita – Complete the Who Needs Wings request
  6. Rita (Smiling) – Complete the A Casual Gesture request
  7. Rita (Heart-Eyes) – Complete the Having a Goodra Time request
  8. Rita (Surprised) – Complete the So Excited request
  9. Phil – Complete the Cutting Moment request
  10. Phil (Smiling) – Complete the A Tad Happy request
  11. Phil (Heart-Eyes) – Complete the Near the Water’s Edge request
  12. Phil (Surprised) – Complete the See Ya Inf-later request
  13. Todd – Complete the Fins Aflutter request
  14. Todd (Smiling) – Complete the A Break between Patrols request
  15. Todd (Heart-Eyes) – Complete the A Slice of Rainbow request
  16. Todd (Surprised) – Complete the Seafloor Roar request
  17. Foggy Forest – Complete the Flickering Flames request
  18. Desert – Complete the Roll and Stop request
  19. Ocean Sunset – Complete the Take One, Please request
  20. Shooting Star – Complete the Rainbow Meteor Shower request
  21. Aurora – Complete the Wish Upon a Shining Sky request
  22. Bungalow – Complete the At Home in the Dark request
  23. Compass – Complete The Biggest Pumpkaboo of All request
  24. Campfire – Complete the A Pup at Heart request
  25. Professor Mirror’s Goggles – Complete the One-Hand Freeze request
  26. Professor Mirror’s Glives – Complete the Bite for the Bully of the Sea request
  27. Professor Mirror’s Shoe – Complete the Munching Mandibuzz request
  28. Rita’s Hairpin – Complete the Just Perching Here request
  29. Rita’s Bag – Complete the Look My Wy request
  30. Rita’s Shoe – Complete the Gracefully Gliding request
  31. Phil’s Bag – Complete the Howling at the Heavens request
  32. Phil’s Shoe – Complete the Ready, Aim, Fire! request
  33. Todd’s Wristband – Complete the Drifloon Puffed Up request
  34. Todd’s Camera – Complete The Mysterious Heart request
  35. Todd’s Bag – Complete the Striking a Pose with its Tail request
  36. Todd’s Shoe – Complete the An Unusual Spot request
  37. Illumina Orbs Icons

Crystabloom Icons

These icons are unlocked after registering crystablooms in the Photodex

  1. Crystabloom: White – Register a Florio Island Crystabloom in your Pokedex.
  2. Crystabloom: Pink – Register a Maricopia Islands Crystabloom in your Photodex.
  3. Crystabloom: Purple – Register a Durice Island Crystabloom in your Photodex.
  4. Crystabloom: Red – Register a Belusylva Island Crystabloom in your Photodex.
  5. Crystabloom: Orange – Register a Voluca Island Crystabloom in your Photodex.
  6. Crystabloom: Yellow – Register an Aurus Island Crystabloom in your Photodex.

Illumina Orbs Icons

These icons are unlocked by obtaining Illumina Orbs in certain areas

  1. Illumina Orb: Blue – Obtain Illumina Orbs for Florio Island.
  2. Illumina Orb: Pink – Obtain Illumina Orbs for the Maricopia Islands.
  3. Illumina Orb: Purple – Obtain Illumina Orbs for Durice Island.
  4. Illumina Orb: Yellow – Obtain Illumina Orbs for Belusylva Island.
  5. Illumina Orb: Green – Obtain Illumina Orbs for Voluca Island.
  6. Illumina Orb: Gold – Obtain Illumina Orbs for Aurus island.

Expedition Icons

These icons are unlocked via story progression

  1. Evening – Play the Reef (Evening) course for the first time
  2. Night – Play the Park (Night) course for the first time.
  3. Team Badge – Join the Lental Region research team

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How to Unlock All Profile Icons in New Pokémon Snap


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