How to Unlock all Breeds in Monster Rancher 1 DX

Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX are very old games, so like many games from the first PlayStation era, they can be a little obscure, providing no guidance on how to play the game or how to unlock additional content.

Monster Rancher 1 DX is possibly the worst of the two games in this regard, as it features tons of content, like additional monster breeds, that has to be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions but it does provide any hint whatsoever on how to do so.

Here’s how to unlock all of the monster breeds in the reborn classic.

How to Unlock all Breeds in Monster Rancher 1 DX

Monster Rancher 1 DX features 20 different monster breeds, but not all of them have to be unlocked, as 12 of them are available right from the start of the game.

Below, you will find how to get all of the monster breeds in Monster Rancher 1 DX.

Monster BreedsHow to Get
ApeGet a Magic Banana from the Hartville Jungle, then combine two frozen monsters using the item
DinoAvailable from the Market or via CD creation
DiskAvailable via CD creation
DoodleCombine any monster with a Scribble to transform it into a Doodle.
DragonCombine a Naga monster with the Dino subtype with a Dino monster with the Naga subtype using the Dragon Tusk. The item can be obtained by winning the Level A tournament
GaliAvailable via CD creation
GhostCombine a cursed monster with any other monster. For a monster to get cursed, it has to enter a tournament within 15 weeks of the death of another of your monsters
GolemAvailable via CD creation
HareAvailable via CD creation
HengerWin the Winter Invitational Tournament while having obtained all Doll Pieces from the Reno Expedition to get the Clay Doll from the Doll Piece obtained in the Reno Expedition. Then, equip the Clay Doll on the monster with 600 or more intelligence, then complete the Reno Expedition again. Once the monster is marked, freeze it and then use the Clay Doll to combine it with another monster.
JellAvailable via CD creation
MagicFind the Old Mirror in the Titus Expedition, then use it to combine a Gali with a Monol.
MonolAvailable via CD creation
NagaAvailable via CD creation
NyaUse a Cat Doll to combine two monsters. The Cat Doll can be purchased from the Item Shop after year 1026.
PlantAvailable via CD creation
PixieAvailable via CD creation
ScribbleGet a pure Monol to 80 Fame or more, than lower it to 65 or below by taking part in low level tournaments. This will turn your Monol into a Scribble.
SuezoAvailable from the Market or via CD creation
TigerAvailable from the Market or via CD creation
WormAvailable via CD creation

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How to Unlock all Breeds in Monster Rancher 1 DX


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