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How to Transfer Kingdom in Clash of Kings | Tips & Guide

How to Transfer Kingdom in Clash of Kings | Tips & Guide
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To help keep the game active across different servers, Clash of Kings periodically hosts “kingdom transfer” events, which lets players move to other servers. The process is somewhat convoluted, so here’s how to transfer kingdoms in Clash of Kings.

How to Do a Kingdom Transfer in Clash of Kings

As we mentioned, the developers of Clash of Kings hosts kingdom transfer events, encouraging players to do a permanent server transfer. You can only perform a kingdom transfer during the events, and they happen throughout the year.

Keep an eye on the Clash of Kings Facebook page to see when the next transfer event will happen. The most recent one happened in November 2023, so the next one may not happen for some time.

If you’re interested in doing a kingdom transfer, please remember that the process is permanent. You won’t be able to go back to your old server and you can’t join your old Alliance, so make sure you absolutely want to do it.

Once you’ve made up your mind, we can start prepping your kingdom for transfer. First, you’ll need Transfer Cards. These are premium items that can only be obtained through in-app purchases, so you have to fork over some cash if you want to kingdom transfer.

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Tap on your lord profile at the top left corner of the main menu, then tap on settings, and you should see a button for kingdom transfer. Assuming you’re doing this during a kingdom transfer event, you’ll see a list of open servers, alongside how busy the server is. Note that the busier servers may cost multiple Transfer Cards.

Once you’ve picked a new server to transfer to, you’ll have to go through one last kingdom check. Your kingdom must be completely idle in order to be eligible for transfer, which means that it can’t be training units, building structures, researching new skills, and so forth.

The game shows you a long laundry list of conditions that you must meet, and if you’re failing one of them, you’ll see a red X next to it.

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Tie up any loose ends your kingdom may have, then go through with the kingdom transfer. The game warns you one last time that this transfer is permanent, and once the process is started, it cannot be canceled. Confirm for the last time, and your kingdom starts the transfer process.

After you initiate the kingdom transfer, your account will be temporarily banned. This is normal and part of the process, so don’t be alarmed! The ban usually lasts around 8 hours, and after it’s lifted, you’ll be able to start playing on your new server.

We hope this guide helped you perform a kingdom transfer successfully. If you have any other tips or questions about the kingdom transfer process, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Transfer Kingdom in Clash of Kings | Tips & Guide