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How to Train Your Pet in Peridot

How to Train Your Pet in Peridot
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Peridot pets are super smart and you can do all sorts of things with them. Not only can you hatch eggs, feed and play with baby Dots, and breed any number of amazing creatures, you can even teach them all new tricks! Train up your pet to perform all sorts of neat new tricks as they grow and show off what your pet can do to all your friends.

How to Teach Your Pet Tricks in Peridot

Training your pet is very important for its development and growth. There are various ways to teach the Dot different tricks and they all involve food! Of course nobody would want to perform without an incentive and Dots are no different. To teach a trick you should first visit the Tricks menu by tapping the Peridot pet icon on the bottom left of the screen. Scroll down and find the list fo tricks you can teach your pet, and how many you have completed.

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Next, make sure you have treats or food in your Bag. If you have run out of food your Dot can forage for some food if you draw a circle on the floor, wall, or plants. Tap and hold the piece of food or treat and bring it the circle in the center of the screen. This will start the training process!

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Tap and drag the treat to teach a trick as shown in the Tricks list. For example, tap and drag the treat down to the bottom circle to teach the Down trick. Your Dot will perform the trick and you can give them the food.

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Some tricks are harder than others to master so you will have to practice a few times for your Dot to complete it, and you will gain rewards. Our favorite is the Booty Shake!

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There may be more tricks to teach your pet in Peridot as time goes on but for now, get practicing these and show your friends what your clever Dot can do!

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How to Train Your Pet in Peridot