How to Train Exotic Animals in FarmVille 3

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Farmville 3 has all sorts of new ways to enjoy building your farm, including a vast array of different animals. To join your usual farmyard animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep, you can also unlock, nurture, and breed exotic animals. The exotic animal collection includes badgers, tigers, camels, and even wooly mammoths! These special animals can be upgraded up by training them, which increases their Power and Level. The maximum level each animal can obtain depends on its rarity—the rarer the animal, the higher a level it can get to. Find out more about training exotic animals below.

How to Train an Exotic Animal

Exotic animals can be trained using Elixirs. These can be obtained by selling Exotic animals, by completing Animal Quests, and as rewards for completing deliveries from the Pier.

selling exotic animal in farmville 3
Farmville 3: Selling an Exotic Animal (via Zynga Games)

Find the exotic animal you want to train and then tap the ‘i’ for information, or find the animal in your collection tab.

animal collection farmville 3
Animal Collection in Farmville 3 (via Zynga Games)

Each Animal Info will say what Level, Power, and Skill the animal has reached. Tap the Train button and then select the Elixirs you want to use. Tap the Train button to spend the Elixirs, and purchase the training with coins.

training an exotic animal in farmville 3
Training an Exotic Animal in Farmville 3 (via Zynga Games)

Once your animal is trained as much as it can be, you can then choose to Evolve it. This uses Evolution Materials obtained by doing the Sky Race or by completing Exotic Animal Quests. Only animals with at least one star can be evolved. Evolving an animal means it will get one more star, increasing its Power and unlocking new Skills! An exotic animal can be evolved until it has maxed out its stars, at which point it cannot be evolved anymore, but can then be sold for a decent reward.

evolve exotic animal farmville 3
Evolving an Exotic Animal in Farmville 3 (via Zynga Games)

Have fun, and happy farming!

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How to Train Exotic Animals in FarmVille 3


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