How to “Trade” Items in Splatoon 3


In Splatoon 3, the name of the game is to stay fresh while splatting your opponents. What better way to leave an impression than to splat your opponents while wearing some fresh new clothes? That being said, sometimes the local shops don’t have what you’re looking for, and that’s when we turn to trading. Splatoon 3 features an indirect way of trading… sort of. Today, we’ll show you how to “trade” items in Splatoon 3!

Trading Gear with Friends in Splatoon 3

The city of Splatsville is always bustling, with no order or rules to govern the Inklings and Octolings. When you first log into Splatoon 3, you always start in the heart of Splatsville, and you can wander around for a bit before you jump into the Turf Wars.

You may have noticed that the random Inklings and Octolings hanging around Splatsville aren’t just random NPCs—they’re actually based off of online players. A majority of them may even be modeled after players you’ve recently matched with!

If there is ever a random Inkling or Octoling that’s wearing some nice clothes, you can actually request to buy the same gear. Go up to the character in question and interact with them to see their profile, which lists exactly what they’re wearing.

Select the piece of clothing you’re interested in, and you can send an order request. You can do this with just about any random character that’s hanging around in the plaza, so go nuts. Keep in mind that Amiibo gear cannot be ordered.

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Now, how does this process involve trading? Well, players that are on your Switch friend list are much more likely to appear in the plaza. What you can do is look for a player that has the gear you want, then add them to your friends list.

Once they appear in your Splatsville plaza, order the gear off of them and voilà—you’ve now successfully traded, in a way! Of course, some people will only do this if you also have something they’re looking for, but some players might just do it to help you out.

If you’re looking for players to trade with, we recommend checking out the Splatoon 3 Subreddit or the main Splatoon Subreddit.

That concludes our guide on how to “trade” items in Splatoon 3. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to “Trade” Items in Splatoon 3


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