How to Track Your Stats in COD Mobile

How to Track Your Stats in COD Mobile

It’s nice sometimes to see what kind of performance you have in the game and check the percentage of headshots you have. This feature also motivates players to start playing better. Find out here how to see your game statistics in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Find Out Your Stats in Call of Duty Mobile

We have prepared some simple instructions for you on how to enter the game statistics.

Click on Your Avatar

On the main screen of the game, click on your avatar and you will be taken to your profile menu.

Go to the Desired Tab

There will be several tabs in the player profile window. Click on the second one. There is information about the player.

This tab will contain your general game statistics and is divided into three modes. You can see how many times you were the best player, how many games you played in the selected mode, and how many times you took the TOP-3. There will also be information about the number of frags, the ratio of murders to deaths, and the indicator of average accuracy.

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Open the Player’s History

The last tab in the window is called Player History. Here, you can also find out your performance; there will already be a division not only by modes in the game, but also by specific battles.

Choose a Fight

To find out in more detail your results in a particular battle, just click on it to reveal a detailed report. There you can see in detail the kills, deaths, and the final score of each participant in the battle.

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How to Track Your Stats in COD Mobile


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