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How to Taxidermy in BitLife

How to Taxidermy in BitLife
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While the art of taxidermy is a very interesting profession, it’s disturbingly a possible route for loved ones who pass in BitLife. If you’re looking for an alternate way of preserving your loved ones, here’s how to taxidermy in BitLife.

How to Have Someone Taxidermied in BitLife

In BitLife, every time you advance a year, everyone ages up with you. That means that eventually your loved ones, like your parents and possibly siblings, will pass away before you. Of course, this isn’t counting untimely ends involving accidents.

Whenever a family member (parents, spouses, or children) passes away and you’re of adult age, you take the responsibility of planning and paying for the funeral. If you don’t have the money or if the family member wasn’t particularly important to you, you also have the cheaper option of donating the body to science.

Of course, you also have the option of having the body taxidermied, which is as creepy as it sounds. This is by far the most expensive option, which makes sense since so much effort and work goes into taxidermy. Whether you’re trying to complete the Just Desserts challenge or if you just want to have an insanely creepy memory of your family, we’ll show you how to taxidermy.

If you can afford it, having someone taxidermied is pretty simple. When you’re planning a funeral for a parent, spouse, or child, in addition to the regular options, you should see an option for taxidermy. Simply tap on it, and you’re good to go.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Just remember that taxidermy is very expensive. As you can see in the screenshot above, it’s significantly more expensive than the other burial options, but at least you get to have your family preserved. Not creepy at all! If you’re planning to have someone taxidermied, make sure you’ve got a good paying job.

That’s how to have someone taxidermied in BitLife. If you have any other tips or questions about taxidermy, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Taxidermy in BitLife