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How to Complete Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife
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Another week has gone by, which means another BitLife challenge is ready for eager players to try and conquer. If you’re looking for some assistance, we’ll show you how to complete the Just Dessert challenge in BitLife.

Completing the Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife

This week, we’re going after some sugar with the Just Desserts challenge. This challenge is bringing out the crazy in us, as we have the do the following objectives:

  • Be born a female
  • Have children with 2+ married men
  • Hook up with 2+ baby daddies at least once
  • Marry one of your baby daddies
  • Murder and taxidermy your baby daddy-husband

We’re sleeping around and practicing casual infidelity with this challenge, so buckle up and get ready for one of the wildest challenges in BitLife history.

How to be Born a Female

As you’re starting a new life in BitLife, make sure you don’t choose to have a random life. Start a manual life instead, and make sure to change your starting gender to female. That’s it, you’re ready to move onto the rest of the challenge.

How to Have Children with Married Men

Before we start, we have to say that having God Mode purchased makes this challenge much easier. We don’t condone pay-to-win habits, but there is a lot of randomness involved in this challenge, and God Mode letting you change the attributes of people can make this challenge way less annoying.

The first objective is to have children with at least two married men, similar to the Baby Mama challenge. This is going to be an uphill battle, but if your Looks stat is high enough, you’ll have an advantage. If you have low Looks, make sure to get some plastic surgery and hit up the gym.

Now, you just have to find some married men. The method we used is to simply get some random job you don’t really care about, and then scope out your co-workers for potential married men. You’re bound to find at least one.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Once you’ve found a married man, strike up conversation and give them compliments and gifts, as you need to raise relationship meter until it’s almost full. Once you’ve got their relationship high, you can try to make your move on them by selecting the co-worker from the list, and then choosing to hook up.

With any luck, they’ll accept your advances and spend the night with you. This is where God Mode helps, as you can edit the co-worker and lower their Willpower and Professionalism, which increases your chances with them.

If they reject you, it’s not completely hopeless, as you can just build up the relationship meter again and try again once it’s nearly full.

You’re not out of the woods once the hook up is a success, as you also need the married man to get you pregnant. If you’re lucky, it’ll happen right away, but it may take several hook ups for it to happen. Keep the baby when it happens!

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Now that you’ve had a baby with a married man, they’ll be considered an ex from now on, more specifically a baby daddy, which is what we need for the next objective.

How to Hook up with Baby Daddies

Now that you’ve had your babies, it’s time to go back to your baby daddies. For this objective, you need to hook up with two different baby daddies—hooking up with the same baby daddy twice does not count.

The easiest way to do this objective is to go into your Relationships menu, then scroll down and select Exes. You should see all your baby daddies listed here, so tap on one and then call them. Make sure to select Booty Call as your objective, and hope that they answer.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

If they answer the call, you’ll be able to hook up with them. Do this with at least two different men that are listed as baby daddies and you’ll complete this objective. Let’s move onto the next one!

How to Marry One of your Baby Daddies

This next objective can be kind of a doozy due to the randomness, as it requires you to marry one of your baby daddies. This can be really hard to do considering most of your baby daddies will still be married to their spouses.

Because you’ve probably been sleeping with your baby daddies at least twice now, their relationship meter should practically be maxed out. Call them, choose Start dating him as your objective, and hope for the best.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

There’s a good chance they’re going to reject your advances, but dating them first is the only way to get to marriage. If you fail, just butter them up and be nice to them until the relationship meter is maxed out again, then try again.

You have better odds going for men that have high craziness and low willpower, so this is once again where God Mode can really help out.

Note that you may also get lucky; in our case, one of our baby daddies was actually a widow, so we had no trouble getting a date with him that eventually ended up in marriage.

Once you’re dating the baby daddy, be nice to him and give him lots of compliments and gifts. Save up some money, then propose to him and follow through with the wedding. The wedding doesn’t need to be extravagant if you’re saving up.

How to Murder and Taxidermy your Baby Daddy-Husband

The final objective of this challenge is the riskiest, as you’ll need to end your baby daddy-husband and give him his just desserts. If your Smarts are high and your baby daddy-husband’s are low, you have a higher chance of not getting caught.

When you’re ready, go into the Activities menu and select Crime. Choose Murder, then pick your baby daddy-husband from the list. If he’s not on the list, cancel the murder and try again to cycle list.

Once you see him on the list, pull the trigger and pray you do not get caught. If you’re successful, the normal post-death option should come up, so make sure to Plan his funeral. You have to decide what to do with the remains next, so pick Have him taxidermied.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

If you’ve done everything right so far, then you should have just completed the last objective in the challenge. Note that some people have been having issues with this objective, and the general consensus seems to be that you have to make sure that the man you’re marrying is labeled as a baby daddy before you marry them, otherwise it won’t count for the objective. Keep that in mind!

Congratulations, you’ve officially completed the Just Desserts challenge in BitLife! What did you think of the challenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to check out the rest of our BitLife coverage.

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How to Complete Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife