How to Tame Animals in the Survivalists

How to Tame Animals in the Survivalists

If you love playing Survivalists, then you know that the function of taming the animals is pretty new in the game. That is why we have prepared a detailed guide to help you understand how the process works and succeed in taming the animals. If you follow our instructions, you will find it pretty easy. Let’s dive into the process!

​Steps to Take To Tame Animals in the Survivalists

To get access to taming animals, please clear at least one of the labyrinths shown on your map. Once this step is completed, you will notice that you unlocked a farming tree. Hit R on your PC to get to your blueprint tree. You will need to click the little arrow with the letter E on top; it is located from the right side. These actions will carry you to your farming tree. So, the next step is to build the taming bench enabling you to craft the animal pens. Please do this at your earliest convenience, and you will get the possibility to use your bench.

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Once the first labyrinth is cleared, you get the opportunity to breed deer and rabbits. Some tranquilizers are unlocked right away; others will become available after clearing other labyrinths. So, once everything is unlocked, you can start crafting the tranquilizers and pipe components; now, you can begin crafting the luring flutes needed for taming.

Once you have tranquilizers and flutes, you hit the animal you want to train or tame with the tranquilizer, and you use a flute to lure it back to your base, and you can put it in a pen. So, you can bring them with the help of teleportation (teleport to another island, tame an animal, lure it back through the teleport, bring it to your base, and put it in a pen). Once this is done, bring these animals some food to breed them, and later they will make a baby.

So, follow our detailed guide to get the possibility of taming animals in the Survivalists and have fun playing the game!

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How to Tame Animals in the Survivalists


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