How to Tame a Creeper in Minecraft

Creeper Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

There are several ways to tame creepers with and without mods in Minecraft. In this guide, we will consider the most popular methods that we managed to learn about.

How to Make a Friendly Creeper in Minecraft

This method is based on a special trap sarcophagus in which the creeper will be located. The trap will keep it inside and prevent it from exploding.

In order to build a trap, you need to install a pressure plate and install hatch doors on the sides, so that when you press the platinum, the doors close up and form a cage.

Next, build such a thing from glass in order to hang a block of glass in the air above the pressure plate. Next, destroy it and leave only one glass block on top of which install a piston (so that it would push down).

Как приручить крипера

Next, you need a name tag. Make it on the anvil.

Lure the creeper into a trap and give him a name using a tag.

Activate the piston and get a creeper in a glass suit that you can approach without any fear and it will not explode even if you open the hatch door. True, if you open the hatch doors, he can escape, so be careful.

Method Number 2

This method is based on replacing the skin of a dog with a skin of a creeper in the game itself. After changing the skin, all dogs will look like creepers and you can tame one of them. To do this, open the folder where you store all versions of Minecraft and find the folder with mob skins. Download the creeper skin, rename it the same as the original dog skin and replace it.

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Method Number 3

Put the creeper in the boat so he can’t move on his own. Attach a leash to the boat so you can drag the boat behind you while staying far enough away from the creeper that it doesn’t explode. Use the name tag to stop the creeper from getting desperate. We highly recommend having a horde of cats around you so that the creeper doesn’t immediately become a kamikaze if the boat accidentally breaks. Be sure to wear blast protection armor so it doesn’t kill you if it explodes.

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How to Tame a Creeper in Minecraft


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