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How to Take Photos in My Time at Sandrock | Tips & Guide

How to Take Photos in My Time at Sandrock | Tips & Guide
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Builders in My Time at Sandrock can take some snazzy selfies, but first they need to get their hands on a functional Camera. Here is how to get the Camera and take photos in My Time at Sandrock.

How to get the Camera in My Time at Sandrock

Getting the Camera is a bit of a task, and it all starts with Catori. Catori’s museum is looking rather empty, and she needs your help to fill it up with fine exhibits. Her museum accepts just about anything, including tools, gear, and more.

Head over to the Sandrock museum when you’re ready to donate. Approach any of the exhibit displays and select an item to donate. Displays come in three sizes: small, mid, and large. An item’s description will say In Museum if it’s eligible for donation, alongside what size it’s considered.

Your efforts won’t go empty-handed, of course. Once you’ve donated enough items, Catori rewards you with special museum rewards. You can check how many items you need to donate and claim any rewards from the Museum Reward desk, inside the museum.

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We’re interested in the Relic Restoration Machine, which is rewarded at 30 donations. The Relic Restoration Machine accepts the Old World Relics you’ve been finding while digging through the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins.

Now that you have the Relic Restoration Machine, all you need to do is go spelunking until you find all three pieces of the Camera, which can be found randomly on any level of Eufaula. The pieces can also be found from the Hazardous Ruin, but this is more dangerous. With all three pieces in hand, reassemble them at the Relic Restoration Machine to unlock the Camera!

Alternatively, if you complete Catori’s Sandrunning questline (“Practice What You Preach”, “Recipe for Fun”, “Sandapalooza”) and haven’t unlocked the Camera yet, she’ll give you one for free. If you already own the Camera, she’ll give you the Spacesuit Relic instead.

How to take photos with the Camera in My Time at Sandrock

With the Camera unlocked, you can now take photos whenever you want. Select the Camera from your hotbar, then use it to unlock the photo mode function. Open your Action Wheel then select the Take Picture command to enter photo mode.

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You can use this mode to take selfies or pictures of the environment. If you want to take a group photo with any of Sandrock’s villagers, go talk to them and there will be a new option to take a photo with them.

What kind of pictures are you going to take with your shiny new Camera? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our My Time at Sandrock guides.

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How to Take Photos in My Time at Sandrock | Tips & Guide