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All Romanceable Characters in My Time at Sandrock

All Romanceable Characters in My Time at Sandrock
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Though the region of Sandrock is dusty and harsh, the people living within are anything but. If you’re looking for love, there are tons of charming folks in this humble desert town, so here are all the romanceable characters in My Time at Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock bachelors list:

My Time at Sandrock bachelorettes list:

All Romanceable Bachelors in My Time at Sandrock


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Arvio moved to Sandrock with his sister Amirah when they were young. He owns Sandrock’s general store By The Stairs, where the Builder can purchase helpful items for their career. He is rather dashing and outspoken, able to charm most customers with relative ease.


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Burgess is a member of Sandrock’s church, and he’s also in charge of managing Sandrock’s water supply. He insists on doing everything by the book, enforcing Sandrock’s water and environmental conversation rules at any chance he gets. He’s a bit uptight because he takes his job so seriously, but his heart is in the right place.


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Ernest is an aspiring journalist who travels to Sandrock in hopes of finding leads about Logan, the infamous bandit of Sandrock. After a close encounter with Logan, he ends up stuck in Sandrock for a while, but the townsfolk grow on him to the point where he shifts his potential stories around. He loves to write, and actually wrote a few young adult fiction books.


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The mysterious and aloof owner of the town’s only medical clinic, Fang barely speaks a word and lets his pet bird, X, do all the talking. He is a bit of a mad scientist, often coming up with unstable concoctions, but he never lets any of the residents down with his treatments.


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The head of Sandrock’s Civil Corps branch, Justice patrols Sandrock to ensure its safety. He takes his position very seriously despite his laid-back personality, going out of his way to help Sandrock’s residents in any way he can. Justice, true to his name, is easily the most upstanding citizen in Sandrock.


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The most wanted man in all of Sandrock, Logan is a bandit who has assaulted the town in the past. Nobody knows what his motives are, but some believe that he’s not actually evil, and has good reasons for his actions. Should your paths cross, will you be able to figure out the truth?


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Miguel is a refined gentleman who is a member of Sandrock’s church. He often collaborates with Matilda about different ways of improving Sandrock’s infrastructure and culture. Occasionally, he can be a little brash with the ideas of the church, but he means well and wants Sandrock’s future to be bright.


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Easy-going and friendly to all, Owen is the owner of Sandrock’s local tavern, the Blue Moon Saloon. He knows everyone in town very well thanks to his extremely welcoming and warm demeanor. On your first day at Sandrock, he makes it a point to take some time out of his schedule to get to know you better as the new Builder recruit.


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Pablo is an established hairdresser who loves keeping up with all the latest fashion trends. He is out of town at the beginning of the game, but eventually moves back to Sandrock, re-opening his salon. He also loves gossip, and knows some of the juiciest secrets about Sandrock’s history.


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Pen is the boastful, self-proclaimed protector of Sandrock. He stylizes himself like a superhero, and has a matching ego to boot. Though he’s a bit arrogant at times and excessively prideful, he does seem to have Sandrock’s best interests at heart, but is there more to him than meets the eye?


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Qi is the workaholic scientist who runs Sandrock’s research center. Sandrock is brimming with ancient technology begging to be studied, and Qi intends to do just that, even if it means ignoring his own health. He’s somewhat distant and awkward at first, but once you get to know him, he’s a rather charming dork.


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A member of the Civil Corps, Unsuur is a soft-spoken and rather meek fellow. He’s friendly enough, but he’s not very talkative, so the locals don’t really know too much about him. He’s very loyal to Justice, and follows his orders to a T.

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All romanceable bachelorettes in My Time at Sandrock


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Amirah is the shy owner of Ceramic Gate, Sandrock’s pottery shop. She is naturally quiet and reserved, preferring to speak with her art projects. Though it can take a while for her to open up, Amirah is kindhearted and loves gushing about art and the outdoors. She’s also the brother of Arvio, the owner of Sandrock’s general store.


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The spunky entrepreneur from Atara, Catori comes to Sandrock in hopes of starting her own arcade business. Although she’s somewhat of a daydreamer, Catori’s aspirations of becoming financially successful with her own ventures is relatable to just about anyone, and some of the townsfolk find her dreams sort of endearing.


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Elsie is the plucky daughter of Cooper and Mabel, the owners of the Yakmel ranch in Sandrock. She enjoys hanging out on the farm and tending to the animals. She’s a bit of a tomboy and a trickster, and loves anything potentially fun. She doesn’t like working too hard, and even forces Mi-an and the Builder to take breaks from time to time.


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Grace is the steadfast and kind chef helping Owen out at the Blue Moon Saloon. She’s actually not a very good cook, though no one seems to mind. She’s very smart and cunning in almost all other regards. She seems to have some history with Sandrock, and has a curious love for weapons and dangerous gear.


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Heidi is a creative architect and the owner of Construction Junction, where the Builder can purchase new facilities for their home. She is the daughter of Hugo, the local blacksmith. She’s straightforward and friendly, willing to lend an ear to anyone who wants to talk. On her off days, she loves to write in the town’s newspaper.


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Jane is the teacher of Sandrock’s local school. She’s away from Sandrock on a business trip at the start of the game, but eventually she moves back after the story has progressed enough. Although her day job is being a teacher, Jane loves theater and dreams of becoming a professional actress.


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The confident Builder hailing from Tallsky who moves into Sandrock with you. She’s very knowledgeable about being a Builder, and aims to help Sandrock recover from its economic downfall. Mi-an makes friends with the locales quickly thanks to her optimistic and cheerful demeanor, and loves to work together with the Builder.


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Nia is the kind and playful childhood friend of the Builder, hailing from the town of Highwind. At the beginning of the game, she keeps in touch with the Builder through letters, but eventually decides to move to Sandrock for a while. Nia loves agriculture and is very knowledgeable about botany.


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Venti belongs to the Eufaula salvage team, the group responsible for clearing out the abandoned ruins beneath Sandrock. Her younger years were rough, and she’s no stranger to working hard. Despite a rocky youth, Venti grew up to be a bright and hopeful woman, acting as the heart of the salvage team.

Now that you’ve gotten to know all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of Sandrock, who will you go for? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out our dedicated guide section for My Time at Sandrock!

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All Romanceable Characters in My Time at Sandrock