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How to Switch Between Pikmin in Pikmin 1 + 2

How to Switch Between Pikmin in Pikmin 1 + 2
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The beloved Pikmin games that were once trapped on the Nintendo GameCube and Wii have been ported to the Nintendo Switch, allowing younger gamers to experience the origins of the Pikmin series. Since these games are technically over two decades old now, the controls might be a little tough for newer players, so we are here to explain how to switch between Pikmin in Pikmin 1 + 2.

Switching between Pikmin in Pikmin 1 + 2

In Pikmin 1, once you move onto the second level, The Forest of Hope, you encounter a second Onion with yellow coloring. This Onion unlocks the Yellow Pikmin, and Olimar gives you another explanation on how to switch between your active Pikmin.

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By default, your Pikmin follow you around in one large group. Press and hold the A button to grab onto the closest Pikmin next to Olimar, then press the R button to cycle through your chosen Pikmin. The little bubble at the bottom shows your currently selected Pikmin.

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Another way to switch between Pikmin is to simply dismiss them by type. When you have all your Pikmin following you, press the X button to dismiss them. The Pikmin will sort themselves by color—Red Pikmin split off to the left, Yellow Pikmin to the right, and so forth. This can help you quickly call one group to your side.

Switching Pikmin in Pikmin 2 functions exactly the same as it does in Pikmin 1, so you do not have to worry about memorizing any new button combinations. Holding Pikmin with the A button and then cycling with the R button still works.

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How to Switch Between Pikmin in Pikmin 1 + 2