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How to Swing and Use Rope in Bread and Fred

How to Swing and Use Rope in Bread and Fred
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Help penguin bros Bread and Fred climb an ice-capped mountain in the aptly-named adventure, Bread and Fred! This co-op physics-based journey demands penguin teamwork in order to make it to the top of the mountain, as both players need to use their momentum to swing each other around. Here is how to swing and use the rope in Bread and Fred.

Swinging the rope in Bread and Fred

In Bread and Fred, both players are tied together at the waist with a short rope. This means that they cannot go too far from each other, and most importantly, they can use each other as anchor points to swing.

Press the S key (arrow key down for player 2) to make your penguin anchor themselves to the ground. This makes it so that you have the weight of a rock, which means you cannot be pulled around by your partner moving. You can also grab and temporarily anchor yourself to the side of a wall by holding the E key (right CTRL for player 2).

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When a penguin is anchored, the other penguin can take advantage of this by swinging around to gain a lot of height or distance. For example, the very first obstacle you come across requires one penguin to anchor themselves to the side of a cliff, while the other swings up to the platform above.

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You can use swinging to ascend up tall walls, but what about long horizontal gaps? Have one penguin anchor themselves on a platform, then have the other walk off to hang in the air. They can then start moving back and forth to build up momentum. Once you have enough momentum, the anchored penguin should let go, and both penguins will launch across the gap.

Swinging your penguin partner around is the core ability you need to master in order to get through Bread and Fred, so be sure to practice it when you get a moment.

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How to Swing and Use Rope in Bread and Fred