How to Surf in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Do you remember back in the good ol’ days, when you used to Surf in the water, a random black aquatic creature — which we can’t even be certain of whether it was a Pokemon — came long along and helped you traverse the seas? Well, surfing works a little different in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Surfing is required for a lot of things, such as caching specific Pokemon and acquiring super cool items, to crucial things such as progressing the game’s main story. Hence, you won’t even be able to finish Pokemon Sword and Shield without the ability to Surf on water.

So if you’ve been wondering how to Surf in Pokemon Sword and Shield, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with our guide.

How to Surf in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Let us get one thing out of the way: surfing across water no longer requires you to have the HM Surf. In fact, in this game, Surf is a one-time-use TR, and not an HM, hence it isn’t quite required for you to acquire it.

In order you gain the ability to Surf across water, you’ll first need to beat the 6th Gym Leader in Circhester City, and then head to Circhester Bay on Route 9. There, you need to defeat the two Team Yell members harrassing an NPC, who will then reward you with a bike upgrade which allows you to travel across water.

All that you need to do is ride your bike into the water, which will trigger the bike to switch to its surfing  mode.

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How to Surf in Pokemon Sword and Shield


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