How to Summon Beasts in Clash of Beasts


The primary way to battle other players in Clash of Beasts is by using Beasts. You will need to raid enemy bases in order to acquire more resources that you can use to improve your defenses, various buildings, and of course, beasts you play with.

Unlocking beasts is vital in Clash of Beasts, and you achieve that by summoning. In this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to summon Beasts in Clash of Beasts.


Every beast summon requires you to unlock other beasts and level them up. For instance, Brightwing requires you to have Ar’kqnos and Talvara already unlocked before both of the respective beasts can reach level three.

Summoning Beasts in Clash of Beasts

Once they’ve reached level three, you can now use your Soul Shards to try and unlock Brightwing. When attempting to summon Brightwing, you can roll four monsters including Shalegrasp, Shadescale, and Tyranta.

You’ll have to roll Brightwing three times before you can unlock it. Once you meet the necessary requirements, you can simply click “Summon Beast.”

Another way you can attempt to summon a beast is by using Prismatic Shards to automatically fill in soul fragments instead of rolling with Soul Shards. It also guarantees you a fragment of a Beast Summon, rather than the roll chances of using the Soul Shards.

However, Prismatic Shards can only be acquired through armory or events. Soul Shards, on the other hand, are much more common to get.

If you have a beast slot available, you can use it to summon newly acquired beasts. But you’ll probably want to level them up by attacking enemy bases and using Essence to boost their levels and make them more powerful.

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How to Summon Beasts in Clash of Beasts


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