How to Summon and Defeat the Empress of Light in Terraria

How to Summon and Defeat the Empress of Light in Terraria

The Empress of Light in Terraria is the enemy of the very late stage of the game, so you will not only need to open a hard mode but also collect the best equipment before thinking about summoning a boss. By the way, it also has a bonus extra-difficult mode associated with the beginning of the battle at a fixed time of day. In this Terraria Empress of Ligh guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about one of the hardest bosses in the game.

How to Summon Empress of Light

You can summon it at night in the biome of the rainbow ponies Hallow. You will need to kill the Wall of Flesh thus activating the hard mod, and also defeat Plantera in order to proceed to the very late game stage.

Walk around the biome, looking closely at your feet. You need to find the neutral Prismatic Lacewing. After killing a harmless butterfly, you will anger the empress and start a fight.

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How to Kill Empress of Light Boss Guide

The boss may look pretty and cute, but it bites painfully, so we recommend staying away from it by attacking with ranged weapons. The boss has the following attack:

  1. Creates a group of projectiles, which follow the player after a short delay. If you move abruptly to another place, you will be able to dodge them.
  2. Turns to the right or left of the player and makes a horizontal dash.
  3. Moves to the top left of the screen and launches beams of light slowly rotating clockwise.
  4. Creates a circle of stars that rotate clockwise and back, leaving a trail of damage.
  5. Summons swords flying ahead to the point where the player’s trajectory followed. While the swords do not fly, they do no damage, which helps to dodge them.

The fight itself is divided into two stages: up to 50% health and after. In the first stage, attacks are repeated in the following order:


In the second stage, the pattern changes to this:


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You will need to carefully dodge the stream of projectiles, so attacking the boss in a close range will not be the best idea. In addition, if you can manage to memorize the boss’s movements, dealing with the Empress will be much easier.

That concludes our guide on how to Summon and Beat the Empress of Light! Thank you so much of reading! If you have any questions, concerns or extra tips on this article please let us know in the comment section below!

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How to Summon and Defeat the Empress of Light in Terraria


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