The Voltaic Jelly is an accessory in Terraria that players need for crafting Jelly-Charged Battery, granted they have installed Calamity mod. But, many players find it hard to obtain Voltaic Jelly for some reason, while some are unaware of how to get Voltaic Jelly in Terraria. 

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In this guide, we will share details on how you can get Voltaic Jelly, how you can use it to craft Jelly-Charged Battery and why some players fail to get the said item even after farming the correct mob in Terraria. 

How to Get Voltaic Jelly in Terraria

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You can get Voltaic Jelly in Terraria by farming Ghost Bell mobs after defeating the pre-Hardmode boss, Desert Scourge. 

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The Desert Scourge is one of the easiest bosses added with Terraria’s Calamity mod. Usually, you must defeat him before dealing with the Eye of Cthulhu boss. 

In any case, once you defeat the Desert Scourge, make your way to the Sunken Sea aquatic biome. There you will encounter Voltaic Jelly, whom you can fight and beat for a chance to obtain a Voltaic Jelly accessory. 

I Am Not Able to Get Voltaic Jelly Even After Farming Ghost Bells in Terraria

This is a common issue players encounter, and it has to do with players using an old version of Terraria. To fix this, ensure you have installed the latest update for Terraria and the Calamity mod. 

How to Craft Jelly-Charged Battery

As mentioned earlier, you can use the Voltaic Jelly accessory to craft Jelly-Charged Battery in Terraria. And here is everything else you need to craft it:

  • Wulfrum Battery x2
  • Voltaic Jelly
  • Purified Gel x10
  • Stormlion Mandible x2

Once you have the above items, use an Iron or Lead Anvil to craft Jelly-Charged Battery. 

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That is it. That concludes our guide on how to get Voltaic Jelly in Terraria. 

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How to Get Voltaic Jelly in Terraria


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