Terraria would not be Terraria without the Bosses. And Pre-Hardmode is a comparatively pleasant time than the Hardmode. The bosses here are fairly easy to beat and you can progress quickly in the game.

King Slime is a Pre-Hardmode boss that looks like Queen Slime but just in blue color. However, King Slime is much easier to defeat.

Terraria Boss Guide: Summon and Defeat King Slime

Let’s get one thing cleared – it is absolutely not mandatory to defeat King Slime. You can progress without beating King Slime just fine. However, the boss does drop some useful stuff.

King Slime (Terraria Wiki)

To summon the King Slime, you will have to use a Slime Crown. You can summon the King during the daytime. Alternatively, you can beat down 150 slimes in the Slime Rain event and spawn the King Slime.

In a very rare case, the King Slime can randomly spawn near you. Notably, if you are on the edge of the map during the day and there’s grass around.

Some Tips to Beat the King Slime

Beating the King Slime is not at all a difficult task. In fact, many players think of it as a mini-boss. It’s large, bouncy, and slimy. However, it can teleport near you real quick.

The large size makes King Slime an easy target. You can use a ranged weapon to hit the King. Weapons that do piercing damage will also be effective against King Slime.

As the battle progresses, the King will toss slime balls at you and begin shrinking in size. Destroying these balls will give you mana.

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