How to Start a Successful Business in Bitlife


Among all the games, the life simulation genre is one of the most popular. In such games, each player can make their dreams come true or try something new. And Bitlife is one of the best life sims for mobile devices. The game is incredibly realistic, and you can become anyone. And in this guide, we will tell you how to start a successful Business in Bitlife.

How to Start a Successful Business

In BitLife, you start the game as a baby, and you can choose any path in life. And if you are lucky enough to have a lot of capital, you can even start your own Business. But for this, you need to fulfill several important conditions.

First, you must purchase the Business Job Pack from the in-game store. Only then can you start the life of a businessman. Then you must have a big starting capital. And when we say big, we mean very big.

There are many different Businesses in BitLife. But they are all very expensive. Therefore, you must have at least $1,000,000 in your account. To do this, you can choose to be born into a royal family, receive money as an inheritance, or go in for sports and compete with famous sportsmen.

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You will then be able to go to Special Careers and select Business. In the tab that opens, you will see many companies and industries. The game has Breweries, Food Trucks, Coffee Shops, Gift Shops, and much more. But to choose a successful Business, you must pay attention to demand. The higher the demand, the more you can earn by running this Business. But the price of its purchase will also be high. But if you do not have enough money and you are confident in your abilities, you can choose a Business with an average demand and then make an effort to make it better.

That’s all you need to know about starting a successful Business in Bitlife. Follow our tips, and you can start your own Business. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to Dance at a Nightclub.

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How to Start a Successful Business in Bitlife


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