Do you know about the release of an exciting mini-game in Bitlife where you will be able to cause a prison riot? There you will aim to create a chain of prisoners. Meanwhile, your task is to avoid all the prison walls and guards. Are you interested in the details? Let us provide you with many details that will help you beat it any time you start it!

​Instruction on How to Start a Riot in Bitlife

​You may start a riot in BitLife once per year. This option will pop up in the menu with the other prison activities. To start the mini-game, just hit the Riot button. You will succeed if you find a certain number of the other prisoners who will join your riot. You will represent a floating head while moving in a particular direction and picking up the other prisoners with the help of virtual controls. It works the same way as in the game Snake.

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Use the virtual controls to change the direction aiming to bump right into the rest of the floating heads dotted all around the arena. The more prisoners you collect, the more difficult it will be to continue.

Do your best to avoid touching the correctional officers and the walls. You will be a winner if you manage to get ten prisoners together.

To sum everything up, the main things to concentrate on are: picking up the prisoners only while avoiding walls and guards. Plan your direction. This way, you will minimize the mistakes and succeed in the riot. Good luck!

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