How to Spike in Multiversus – Guide and Tips

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Multiversus is a game that is completely aimed at the battles. Your main goal in this game will be unlocking new heroes and fighting with them. And if you want to win, you need to move correctly and effectively. By reading this guide, you will find out how to spike in Multiversus. Be sure that this move is one of the most effective. So, let’s get started!

How to Spike in Multiversus Correctly

First, you need to know that the moves you use through the fight directly affect the result. If you move slow or make many mistakes, a more experienced player will instantly attack you, using such benefits for his attack. Therefore, training and learning new moves are necessary every day.

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So, all you need to do for the spike move is to press the analog stick down and square. Nothing complicated. It is just a combination of 2 basic moves that everybody uses. And when is this move effective? The answer is simple: when your opponent is hanging on the wall and you want to knock him out. And by making the perfect Spike move, you will get a trophy.

When it is clear how to use this move, it is time to find out how to train it. It is obvious that training it in multiplayer mode is a bad idea, but what to do? It would be best if you invite a friend and you will prepare this move together. But if you have no friends that can play with you, then just go into the training room and try it with bots. Be sure it will be much better than struggling against real players.

In conclusion, Spike is only an effective combination of one of the most straightforward moves in the Multiversus. So, train it in the lobby with friends or against bots and use it in multiplayer mode. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope it was helpful for you!

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How to Spike in Multiversus – Guide and Tips


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