How to Spawn Beyla in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map


There are many different survival games. However, Ark Survival Evolved stands out among all. Players wake up without clothes on an island full of dangerous dinosaurs and monsters. You must look for food and resources to survive and tame all dangerous creatures. Also, in the game, different maps radically change the gameplay. And in this guide, we will tell you how to spawn Beyla in the Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur map.

How to Spawn Beyla in Fjordur Map

Fjordur is a new map in Ark Survival Evolved. It is based on Nordic mythology, so it is divided into areas called Vannaland, Jotunheimr, etc. In addition to the usual dinosaurs, there are also mini-bosses on this map.

In the original Fjordur mod, players could find and fight Itsy & Bitsy. However, on the official version of the map, they were replaced with Beyla. Beyla, also known as Mega Bee, is a mini-boss hidden on the Fjordur map. It would be more correct to say that the players themselves must spawn Beyla.

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To do this, you need to farm 50 Runestone, and also be at least level 50. These Runestones only drop from Alpha Creatures. Here is a list of all these creatures:

  • Alpha Basilisk
  • Alpha Carnotaurus
  • Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern
  • Alpha Mosasaur
  • Alpha Megalodon
  • Alpha Leedsichthys
  • Alpha Karkinos
  • Alpha Fire Wyvern
  • Alpha Deathworm
  • Alpha X Triceratops
  • Alpha Tusoteuthis
  • Alpha T Rex
  • Alpha Surface Reaper King
  • Alpha Raptor

After you get the right amount of Runestones, you must go to the summoning portal. It is located at the coordinates “4.0, 47.5”. There you will find a huge cavern in which you need to use Runestones on the summoning portal to spawn Beyla.

Although this Beyla is a mini-boss, you can defeat her quite easily if you destroy the little bees. Follow our guides, and you will be able to learn all the secrets of Fjordur. While you are here, take a look at our guide on where to find Steinbjorn.

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How to Spawn Beyla in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map


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