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How To Solve The Gotsumon Puzzle in Digimon World Next Order

How To Solve The Gotsumon Puzzle in Digimon World Next Order

Digimon World Next Order has a major brain teaser puzzle where you must answer some questions correctly in order to win a prize. This puzzle tends to throw players off guard a lot, but if you listen carefully to the questions, it’s fairly simple. Follow these steps and you will be able to solve the Gotsumon puzzle in Digimon World Next Order.

Where To Start The Puzzle

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This puzzle is located in the Server Desert in Tower Road. You will come across a group of Meteormon, which look a lot like Gotsumon but they aren’t. However, one of these is actually a disguised Gotsumon that you must find.

How To Play

To start, you need to speak to the Meteormon standing in front of the dark structure with wires sticking at the outer edge of the area. He will explain the directions for you, that you are to speak with all 5 of his friends and determine which is the hidden Gotsumon. After starting the quest, head around to each one to hear the clues.

How To Find The Correct Answers

The lying Meteormon in Digimon World Next Order.

To complete the quest correctly, you have to figure out which Gotsumon isn’t telling the truth in addition to who is the imposter. Pay close to attention to the second one who says, “The one facing east isn’t a Gotsumon, okay?”, as it will come in handy for later. When you get to the fifth one, they will say, “The Gotsumon ends every sentence with, ‘okay'”. Thus, the disguised Gotsumon is the second Meteormon that you spoke to earlier.

The Digimon That Is Lying

To figure out who the liar is, pay close to attention what the fourth Meteormon says. He claims the one near him is lying, meaning the fifth one. However, this cannot be, because the fifth one is telling the truth about the Gotsumon always saying okay. There, it’s the fourth one that’s fibbing.

All Proper Answers For The Quest

When you have your correct answers, go back to the Meteormon that gave you the quest. Be really careful because he will ask about who is the liar first instead of who the imposter is, which can throw off some people. If you answer anything incorrectly, you will have to wait a full day to retry the quest. Pick the answer Another One Is The Liar first and then choose Number 4. After that, he will ask which is the Gotsumon, which you’d tell him Number 2. You’ll then get your prize and conclude the quest.

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How To Solve The Gotsumon Puzzle in Digimon World Next Order


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