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How Digivolution Works in Digimon World: Next Order – Guide

How Digivolution Works in Digimon World: Next Order – Guide

Digimon World: Next Order is the 6th game in the series from Bandai Namco. The RPG is set in an open world where players travel, complete objectives, and bond with their Digimon. Players choose 2 Digimon companions (out of a possible 10) to interact with, use in battle, and evolve through Digivolution. Find out below how Digivolution works in Digimon World: Next Order – guide!

Digivolution in Digimon World Next Order

Players will start by choosing their 2 Digimon from a selection of 10 available companions. The companions will grow and evolve through the game, and the bond between player and Digimon increases with various interactions. Players can also choose to play the game in Easy, Normal, or Hard mode but the only real difference is that the harder level you choose, the longer it will take to grow and evolve your companions.

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Digivolution may look like a type of levelling up but in fact it is more than that and is something that happens quite naturally over time. Digimon begin life as eggs that have the chance to evolve into a variety of Digimon. The Digimon they evolve into depends on which requirements are fulfilled by the player. If the player wants a certain Digimon then they need to complete certain requirements.

There are also different types of evolution which effect stats:

  • Good – general evolution
  • Fresh – stat increase for evolving into new Digimon
  • Veteran – stat increase for previously acquired Digimon
  • Great – huge stat increase for evolving

Digimon all go through six stages of growth:

  • In-training
  • In-training II
  • Rookie
  • Champion
  • Ultimate
  • Mega

Each stage takes a certain amount of in-game days to change to the next stage. For a Rookie to turn into a Champion it takes 7-10 days, then 9-15 days to turn into an Ultimate. It takes 9-15 days for an Ultimate to turn into a Mega, which is the final stage. Digimon live for about 20 in-game days altogether before reverting back to an egg.

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There are 6 stats and 7 values to take into consideration when thinking about evolving your Digimon. If you want a specific evolution then you will need to fulfil specific requirements for those stats and values. Stats are raised through direct action such as training in the Dojo or in battles, while Values are raised as the Digimon progresses through the game and are interacted with. The 6 stats are pretty straight forward and easy to increase in battles and training. These are:

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Wisdom
  • Speed
  • HP
  • MP

The 7 values are influenced by interactions such as praising, scolding, winning battles, what food it eats, and more. These values are:

  • Key Points (KP) – denotes the no. stats needed to trigger evolution
  • Key Digimon – evolution occurs only when the partner Digimon is there
  • Victory – no. of battles won
  • Bond – increases by praising the Digimon and treating it nicely
  • Discipline – increases by scolding the Digimon or ignoring its needs
  • TM – increases when the Digimon soils itself
  • Weight – increases when the Digimon eats fatty foods

There are over 230 Digimon and many Digivolutions so players may find it impossible to keep track of all requirements. The best place to look when considering a Digivolution is the History Page. This shows past generations and requirements for different evolutions, these show in green when they are fulfilled.

That is all we know about Digivolutions in Digimon World: Next Order, and all the stats and values you need to keep up with. Find out more in our dedicated Digimon World: Next Order section.

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How Digivolution Works in Digimon World: Next Order – Guide


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