Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is an exciting classic strategy game that will take you to a tropical island. The player needs to manage the village, give villagers professions, explore and solve puzzles. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Solve Puzzle 6.

How to Solve Puzzle 6

To solve the Puzzle you need:

  • Master farmer
  • Farming tech: level 2
  • Crafting tech: level 1
  • An apple seed

You get the apple seed by solving the third Puzzle. You need to find whale bones then create pickaxes and cut down the roots of the tree. The tree dies and drops an Apple Seed.

Next, you need a Masterfarmer to plant a seed in the garden. In a couple of hours, all the water will be absorbed into the seed.

You can send your child villager to pick apples in the garden. If you just send a child or several to the garden, not while solving the Puzzle, they will play there or even clean up a little.

Then you must send the villager three times to the bags of seeds that are near the bucket of water. This will produce rhubarb, strawberry, and blueberry seeds.

The villager must now go to Crafting Hut three times to get Fertilizer for each seed. Fertilized seeds will grow in a few hours. To solve the puzzle, just harvest fruits from the garden. Your reward will be 3 Lavastones and a beautiful garden with a good harvest.

By the way, rhubarb will come in handy for solving other riddles.

We hope you find this guide useful.

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How to Solve Puzzle 6 in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2


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