How to Solve Kraken Puzzle 4 in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Feature Release the Kraken Puzzle 4

Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 gives you the chance to oversee a group of shipwrecked survivors and help them build a new life. The island sim game has puzzles to complete as you work your way through the game, many of which involve discovering skills and crafting new items. If you are having trouble working out how to complete Chapter 1 Puzzle 4: Release the Kraken, we have a handy guide right here.

How to Solve Puzzle 4: Release the Kraken

Before starting this puzzle, you must first have completed previous puzzles and gained level 1 Construction and level 1 Crafting. This puzzle asks you to light two stone bowl-like structures fixed on the Kraken statue, find the sculpture’s eyes and place them into the eye sockets, and then move two large stones to release the Kraken. Just get your villagers to follow the steps below to complete this puzzle.

Two stone bowls attached to the Kraken statue need to be lit
  • Craft oil by combining water and coal at the crafting hut
  • Take the oil to the Kraken statue
  • Take fire to the oil and light the oil in the stone bowls on the statue
  • Find the eyes of the statue
    • One can be found at the bottom right of the island, among the reeds to the left of a tree
    • The second is situated to the right of where the lava connects with the lab. This eye will need to be cooled down with water, so a villager will need to do that first before it can be moved.
Your villager will need water on them to cool the stone eye
  • Drag a villager to the statue so they will put the eyes in the sockets. They will glow blue when they are in place.
Blue eyes will glow when the stone eyes are in place
  • Two stones will fall when the eyes are in place. Get two strong villagers to push the big stones, releasing the Kraken!
Stones will fall!

Congratulations on releasing the Kraken! It will now be time to complete puzzle 5.

Release the Kraken!

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How to Solve Kraken Puzzle 4 in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2


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