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How to Share Player Codes in Fall Guys

How to Share Player Codes in Fall Guys
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It is time to get creative in Fall Guys with the brand new Creative feature where players can build their own Fall Guys rounds! Design, save, and publish your own intricate race maps to bamboozle your friends and other Fall Guys players. Every custom round can be played together by sharing the code with others, but how can we do this? Read on to find out how to share player codes in Fall Guys.

Sharing Player Codes in Fall Guys

When you next start up Fall Guys you will see there is a new tab to explore from the main screen. Go on over to the wrench icon and find Fall Guys Creative Mode. From there it is possible to Create New rounds or to Load rounds you have already created, including ones you have published already. Creating a round is a lot of fun and uses everything you find in a regular round from bouncy bumpers to see-saws and everything in between.

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As long as you have a Start Line and a Finish Line, and the round can be played through within four minutes, you have a working map! Once it is published and given a thorough play-through, you will be given a unique code that anyone can use to start their own private lobby with your map.

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You can share the 16-digit code in Reddit threads or Discord to get others to try out your creator round, and don’t forget to include a screenshot or video of your round to entice players to try it! If you want people to play with you on your new map you will need to go to Custom Shows and Host a private lobby to invite friends along using a unique game code shown at the top of your screen.

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How to Share Player Codes in Fall Guys