How to Set Up and Use Trains in Satisfactory

a red train in satisfactory

Players who love open-world style building games are definitely going to want to check out Satisfactory, the game where you explore, battle on, and develop a mysterious alien planet. Trains are excellent for quickly transporting cargo and very fun to use and build in the game, being very comparable to the title’s other advanced vehicles. To start, this is how to set up and use trains in Satisfactory.

What You Need To Build Trains

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To start making trains, you need to have some tasks pre-completed. First, you need to get to the Tier 6 milestone level. In Satisfactory, as you progress through the game, you will unlock more and more advanced technology to use and build that is locked behind tiers. There are eight tiers in total and range in complexity from your basic coal shoveling to nuclear power.

Once you make it to Tier 6, you will unlock the power to build trains. For an actual train to exist, you need to make a railway, which can be done using steel pipes and steel beams. You will need one of each for the first eighteen meters of railway you make and then one of each for every twelve after that. How big or how small your railway is depends on your personal preference and how you have your map setup.

What Train Stations Do

Building a train station in Satisfactory.

In addition, you also need a train station for the railway. Train stations pull the entire system together, providing an autopilot function and allowing freight trains to easily unload cargo. You can even make extra stations and set the train to stop only at certain ones.

Once you have those basics, you can go ahead and start building your train set. You can make it as long or as short as you like. Trains are fast, efficient, and provide a straightforward method of delivery.

You can build your very own railway system today in Satisfactory! To check out more tutorials on the game, follow Touch Tap Play’s coverage!

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How to Set Up and Use Trains in Satisfactory


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