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How to Build Efficient Coal Generator in Satisfactory

How to Build Efficient Coal Generator in Satisfactory
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Coal is one of the most widely required resources even since the early game. It can be used as a fuel for your Coal Generators. In this guide, you will find out how to build an efficient Coal Generator in Satisfactory

How to Craft Coal Generator in Satisfactory

Before finding out how you can make your Coal Generators work effectively, it would be best to learn how to craft it. It is an expensive building that might be worth you an arm and a leg at the beginning game’s stages:

  • Reinforced Iron Plate x20
  • Rotor x10
  • Cable x30

A single Coal Generator can produce 75MW of power. It is overclockable and accepts Coal, Compacted Coal, and Petroleum Coke as a fuel.

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How to Properly Set Up Coal Generators

First, you should get eight Coal Generators and three Water Extractors. Eight Generators will take 120 Coal per minute and 600 MW of power. Be sure it is the most significant problem while building an efficient Coal Generator.

The first step to set up coal generators is to make a 5 by 12 platform. You can build it even out of the water, but in this case, you should spend extra resources on building the connection with water.

Once the platform is set up, start building Coal Generators so that the left side of the generator will begin from the second foundation. You should have every Coal Generator connected to a water generator to supply them with the required amount of water.

After that, put Conveyor Lifts Mk. 1 on all Coal Generators. Then, set up Conveyor Splitters and connect your power station to the source of Coal using power lines and Pipelines. Also, connect every structure with the Power Line to make everything work correctly.

That’s it with building an efficient Coal Generator in Satisfactory. Even though it might seem challenging, you can easily produce 600 MW of Power with your Generators following our guide. Also, we have a list of the best games like BitLife, make sure to check it out!

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How to Build Efficient Coal Generator in Satisfactory


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