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How to Sell Players in Football Manager 2021

How to Sell Players in Football Manager 2021

Managing the players correctly in Football Manager 2021 is one of the main objectives of the game. And you will have to sell them sometimes. And in this guide, we will tell you how to do it.

Football Manager 2021 Players Selling Guide

To sell players in Football Manager 2021, you need to put them on a transfer. That is, you need to use the corresponding menu “Transfer”, press then “Sell” or “Offer to clubs.” Technically, everything is simple, as you can see. But pay attention that problems with the sale can arise for a large number of reasons, starting with an overpriced and a lack of demand for a particular player, even at a low price. But in any case, usually, the basis of the problem is the price. And the weaker a footballer, the more difficult it is to sell him even at market value since there are many of them and no one will especially hunt for them.

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There is also an option to exchange your players for other players or make an exchange + surcharge. But in general, this does not affect the situation, few people will want to buy weak players, so do not hope to make good money on them by selling. You can try to let them play better on the field, after which the demand may easily appear. At the peak of their success, there is usually the largest number of people who want it.

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How to Sell Players in Football Manager 2021


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