How to Sell Items in Virtual Families 3

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Playing Virtual Families 3, you can buy a lot of different furniture and decorate your house and the territory next to it. But sooner or later you will want to update the interior, replacing old furniture with newer and more beautiful ones. To do this, you need to free up space in the house by selling old items, and today we will tell you how to do so.

How to Sell Items in Virtual Families 3

You can sell items not only to free up space in the house but also to earn money. If your family of little people has money problems, then selling an unwanted closet is a great way to make money.

To sell any item in your house, you need to take this item and drag it outside the gate of your house. After that, you will see the amount of money that you will receive after the sale, and if everything suits you, you need to stop holding the mouse button to finally sell the item. Immediately after that, the amount that was indicated before the sale will be added to your game bank account.

As you can see, selling items is very simple, but we also have a few tips on how to make it even more profitable:

  • If you dragged an item outside your home and the price seemed too low, do not rush to sell the item. The price of the same item can change every day, so try for a few more days, to sell the item at the best price.
  • When your family has a lot of money, buy lots of expensive furniture, even if you don’t need it. You never know when your family will have a black streak in life, and if it starts, you can always earn a lot by selling expensive items.

That’s all you need to know about selling items, and now that you know how to do it right, you’ll always have the opportunity to make some extra money.

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How to Sell Items in Virtual Families 3


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