How to Save Someone’s Life in DogLife

How to Save Someone's Life in DogLife

In DogLife, there are multiple achievements for each person who plays the game. Every player has a desire to live the best life as a dog. This guide will fully cover how to complete one of the achievements and save someone’s life when such a situation happens. So, keep reading, and you will be able to complete the achievement successfully!

How to Save Someone’s Life in DogLife

To save someone’s life is a Human DogLife Achievement called Service Animal Certified.

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To get access to this achievement, you need to age right until you have the correspondent scenario. Once this happens, give it a shot and try to help the person in trouble. Your owner will start choking on a bagel, and your task will be to run for help. This is a random event, so there is no opportunity for you to purposely trigger this. When this event happens, your task is to act accordingly and respond to the request. These actions will lead to someone’s life being saved.

To sum everything up, you will need to reach a definite age for the chance of encountering this scenario and then dive into helping a person once this is required.

Now you know how to save someone’s life in DogLife. Don’t miss the chance once you get it! We wish you luck in your endeavors, have fun!

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How to Save Someone’s Life in DogLife


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