Role-playing games can be somewhat unpredictable at times, and you never know when you will get defeated by a rare powerful monster. For this reason, saving your game often is a very good thing to do in all sorts of RPGs, even in a game like Miitopia, where the challenge level is not particularly high, at least compared to a few other games on the market. And knowing exactly how to save will not only save you some time but will obviously prevent you from losing too much progress in case you are defeated.

Here’s how to save in Miitopia.

How To Save In Miitopia


Like pretty much every modern game, Miitopia features an auto-save function that will record your progress at set intervals. Generally, performing a variety of actions will make the game save your progress: using the Arcade, completing a quest, spending some gold will activate the auto-save function, so as long as you do something meaningful in the game, you can be sure it will be recorded automatically.

Manual Save

In case you do not trust the game to make a good job saving your progress when needed, you can choose to save the game yourself via Manual Saves. The ability to save your game manually is only available when you can access the Pause menu by pressing the X button. This can be done while at the Inn or while on the overworld map: just open the menu, and pick the save and quit option to save your game at the exact same point you are.

Please note that the pause menu cannot be accessed while you are busy with a quest, so there’s no way you can save in this specific situation. Always plan ahead, and make sure you save before you embark on any quest: you never know what, or who, you may find in it!

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