Gold is an extremely important resource in any role-playing game, allowing players to purchase items to make the adventure easier, and this is the same in Miitopia. While the game is not exactly a challenging RPG, there will be times when getting new equipment will be extremely important to save your hero and their companion from the many dangers that lurk in this colorful world.

In case you are looking for ways to make gold fast in Miitopia, you have adventured to the right place. Let’s find out how to farm gold in the game.

How To Farm Gold In Miitopia

Roulette Mini-Game

Playing the Roulette mini-game is an extremely good way to farm money at any point in the game, although it isn’t one hundred percent reliable due to the fact that you are not always going to receive items as reward. You also need Game Tickets to play the mini-game, so if you’re out of them, you won’t be able to farm money using this method.

To farm some decent money, you need to stop the wheel on the Yellow area, which is the area that grants you equipment as reward. To get the best possible equipment to sell, you have to equip the second-best gear for all your companions so that every time you manage to stop the wheel in the Yellow area, you will receive high-level gear as reward. Sell the gear you receive to make a profit.

Treasure Chests

During the course of the adventure, you will find multiple Treasure Chests that contain valuable gear, but these chests can also give you a decent amount of Gold if you decide to leave them unopened when you discover them. In Miitopia, all Treasure Chests yield Gold if they are opened after you reach a certain level: you may miss some valuable gear, true, but since most of it can be purchased, it’s better to simply get more Gold to purchase items that you really need.

Rich Snurps

Killing Gold Snurps, and later Rich Snurps, is a great way to make money in Miitopia. Unfortunately, this method is even less reliable than the roulette mini-game, as they appear randomly and there is no way to spawn them 100% of the time during the course of the adventure.

Once you have completed the game, however, you can reach Galados Isle, where you can easily farm Rich Snurps for a whopping 20,000 Gold per kill. To reach the farming area, take the path to the north and then head north again. Replay the course as many times as required to farm all the Gold that you need.

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