Any role-playing game worthy of its name has to feature a fun mini-game that provides players with nice rewards, so it is not surprising to see one getting included in Miitopia as well. The roulette mini-game is not too complicated to understand, but there are ways to make it even more rewarding, providing more value to the Game Ticket required to play it as well.

Here’s everything you need to know about the roulette mini-game in Miitopia

How Does The Roulette Mini-Game Work In Miitopia?

The roulette mini-game can be played every time you are at the inn. You will need to use one Game Ticket to make a spin, so make sure you have some before attempting to play the mini-game.

This mini-game is quite simple to understand. Once you have paid with your Game Ticket, you will have to spin a wheel divided into different colors. Depending on where the wheel stops, you will receive different rewards.

Blue awards you with Grub and Experience; Gray with HP Bananas and MP Candies; Orange with Outing Tickets and Jolly Jaunt Tickets; Yellow with Equipment and ten HP Bananas. All rewards improve the higher your level is, so hold onto your tickets until later in the game to get much better rewards.

The wheel color arrangements are randomly generated, so you really can’t do much to always reap the best rewards, but there is something you should always do to make sure you get great gear if you manage to stop the wheel on the yellow area. Make sure to equip one of your allies with the second-best gear you have, so that you will receive the best possible gear if you stop the wheel on the yellow area. This is also a great money farming method, although not the best.

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