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How to Sail in Old School RuneScape

How to Sail in Old School RuneScape
Screenshot via Old School RuneScape YouTube

Old School RuneScape hardcore fans want to sail, and we’re pretty vocal about it! This proposed skill was voted number one out of three offered options, and for a good reason—sailing is fun and practical. Exploration and traversal will be much easier, and the developers already promise a bunch of different options when it comes to ship sizes and models.

You will even be able to use your ship to transport your whole party, as one ship can carry several players (and possibly NPCs). However, one basic question remains—HOW will you sail in this game? This guide covers the basic mechanics of the new skill and teaches you how to sail in Old School RuneScape.

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How to Sail in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

How to sail in Old School Runescape
Screenshot via Old School RuneScape YouTube

To start sailing in Old School RuneScape, you will have to board your ship at one of the ports first. The game will allow you to move around the ship freely (depending on its size). When you’re ready to take off, one player will need to right-click on the helm (or the ship’s wheel) and select Navigate.

From that point, all your clicks won’t move your character but the ship instead, and the camera will focus on the ship’s movements. Other than that, sailing works like any other movement on land—you click on the tile where you want your ship or boat to go, and it will travel there carrying all the passengers with it.

The ship will continue sailing until it reaches the tile you clicked on and stop unless you appoint another destination on the map. To stop sailing, you will just need to right-click the wheel again and choose Stop Navigating. However, keep in mind that this won’t stop the ship. It will still continue moving towards its destination—you will just be able to switch back to your character and move around the ship once again while it travels.

We hope you will have fun with the new skill! For more useful guides, explore the rest of our dedicated Old School RuneScape section here on TouchTapPlay whenever you need more help!

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How to Sail in Old School RuneScape