How to Run Faster in COD Mobile

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Your moves in any shooter are as vital as your firing skills. Therefore, moving correctly is one of the hardest things in Cod Mobile. How fast you change your position while playing really affects your result, especially when you are playing with a sniper rifle. So, let’s find out how to run faster.

How to Move Faster in Cod Mobile

Cod Mobile boasts a large scale of opportunities to make your run faster. And it is pretty good that you can set up your character as you want and increase its speed. So, how to make your run perfect?

  1. Lightweight Perk 

This perk increases your speed by 10%. When you are with an automatic gun or with a shotgun it might be better to use another perk. However, if you pick the rifle, you have to use the lightweight perk. Perk gives you extra seconds that may protect you from being killed.

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  1. Use Light Weapons 

Items you carry on you affect your speed. So, when you are running, use a knife or any light weapon when you are running, it will benefit you a lot.

  1. Avoid Slide-Jumping 

The point is that when you overuse slide-jumping it does not make you faster but slows you down. Also, when you are sliding, you are not available to shoot. So, do not use slide-jumping too much.

  1. Best Loadout 

By combining one of the best weapons and perks, you can create the strongest character. Of course, you can use it if you want to make your character faster. Pay attention to it.

That is all with making your character run faster. Hope you find it helpful!

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How to Run Faster in COD Mobile


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