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How to Romance Kai, Vivi, and Wesley in Sun Haven

How to Romance Kai, Vivi, and Wesley in Sun Haven
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Sun Haven‘s newest update is days away, and the developers have answered our pleas! With patch 1.2, three new characters have been added as potential romantic partners, and these include the enigmatic Kai, the klutzy Vivi, and the knowledgeable Wesley. Looking to win their hearts? Here is how to romance Kai, Vivi, and Wesley in Sun Haven.

Romance guide for Kai, Vivi, and Wesley in Sun Haven

As usual, in order to strengthen your relationship with any of the three new romantic interests, you have to talk to them every day and give them their favorite gifts. Wesley has some extra steps to him, which we will explain later.

Kai romance guide

Loved giftsLiked giftsDisliked gifts
Golden Fishing Rod, Grilled Crab, Kelp Eel, Lemonade, Lobster Bisque, Lobster Roll, Lobster Sushi, Mithril Ring, Neapolitan Ice Cream, Poke Bowl, Ribbon Eel, Seared Lobster, Seaweed Ice Cream, Tropical Punch, Very Good Fishing RodAdamant Ring, Basic Fishing Rod, Blazeel, Copper ring, Crab, Eel, Electric Eel, Glass of Pure Water, Iron Ring, Lobster, Sand Dollar, Seaweed, Small Fishing NetApple Core, Eel-Like-Thing, Gold Boot, Kai Wedding Ring, Kai’s Golden Necklace, Old Boot, Refined Plastic, Roasted Old Boot, Sandy Ice Cream, Soldier’s Boots, Tin Can, Unrefined Plastic
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Vivi romance guide

Loved giftsLiked giftsDisliked gifts
Acorn Anchovy, Acorn Milk, Barrel of Swords, Berry Pie, Carrot Sword, Cinnamon Apple Pie, Glorite Sword, Health Woven Scarf, Raspberry Pie, Rel’Tar’s Mark (Crossbow), Seared Acorn Anchovy, Sunite SwordAdamant Sword, Advanced Attack Potion, Attack Potion, Berry, Copper Sword, Creamy Mushroom Soup, All Crossbows, Fruit Snacks, Gold Bar, Gold Ore, Incredible Attack Potion, Iron Sword, Mithril Sword, Mushroom, Mushroom Pie, Mushroom Risotto, Mushroom Stroganoff, Small Money BagBitter Beer, Buttery Beer, Coffee, Demon Coffee, Eggplant Cola, Grape Soda Pop, Kraken Cola, Moonplant Cola, Pepper, Pumpkin Soda, Spikey Soda, Sucker Soda, Sweet Melon Soda, Tombmelon Soda, Training Dummy, Vivi Wedding Ring, Vivi’s Bone Dagger

Wesley romance guide

Wesley is an interesting case, as he is completely closed off to you. He will not accept any gifts you try to give him, either. In order to get him to open up, you must complete the Nel’Vari questline. Once you do so, he gains his first heart, and you can start buttering him up.

Note that Wesley’s house is currently bugged for us on the PBE, so we were not able to study up on his favorite gifts. We will update as we gain more info.

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How to Romance Kai, Vivi, and Wesley in Sun Haven