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How to Customize Farm in Sun Haven

How to Customize Farm in Sun Haven
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Sun Haven‘s 1.2 patch is officially launching this Friday, on June 23. Eager players can get a sneak peek by installing the PBE (Public beat environment) version, and one of the biggest new features added is the ability to customize your house and farm buildings. Here is everything you need to know about how to customize your farm in Sun Haven.

Customizing your farm in Sun Haven

After many requests from players, the developers of Sun Haven are finally implementing farm customization options to appease all you designers out there. You can customize Sheds and your own house, with each one having different customization options.

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To customize a Shed, you have to craft one first. Go to your construction table to craft the Shed, then browse through the new exterior and interior designs. There are all sorts of differently themed designs, like cafés, ice cream parlors, libraries, and more, and they are all craftable from the construction table, so go ahead and choose your favorite.

Image via Pixel Sprout Studios

When you are ready, place your Shed down anywhere on your farm, and you can then apply the design to the Shed. Get creative with your Shed placements, and you can do all sorts of things, like create little villas.

Once you are happy with your Sheds, we can start customizing your home. The process is a little different from Sheds, as you have much more control over the design. Instead of just using one uniform design for the whole thing, you can change individual components of your house, like the door, windows, patios, and more.

Unlike the Shed designs, the house customization components must be bought from the new House Customization Store, located by the café in northern Sun Haven. Head up there to check out all the new house components you can purchase.

Please note that if you do decide to opt into the PBE, you are bound to run into some unpolished mechanics and bugs. Be sure to join the Sun Haven Discord server to report any major bugs you might come across.

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How to Customize Farm in Sun Haven