How to Rob The Port in Sneaky Sasquatch – Guide


Sneaky Sasquatch is a fun adventure game from Apple Arcade where players can act as the Sasquatch, sneaking about the islands in disguise. One of the disguises is that of the Supervisor. With this disguise you gain access to the Port, and have the opportunity to rob your workplace! Find out below how to rob the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch – guide.

Sneaky Sasquatch – A Guide to Robbing the Port

The Port has some great loot you will definitely want, and any expenses will be gained back from a heist. There are Oranges, Coins, other foods, and lumber to steal.

To gain the Supervisor outfit you will first need to become a Junior Supervisor and then get a promotion. If you want to make the heist a bit easier, consider purchasing Sneaky Shoes, Binoculars, and Night Vision Goggles first.

Port_entrance sneaky sasquatch
The Port Entrance (via Sneaky Sasquatch)

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Once you are ready to start the heist, go on over to the Port to begin! Follow the steps below to rob the Port:

  1. Gain entry to the Port as Junior Supervisor
  2. Get a job to unload secure cargo from the supervisor in the Admin Building
  3. Enter Secure No.2 remove the pallets that cover the manhole
  4. Go to Security and use the cameras, moving each one to block the view
  5. Move a forklift to the Secure No.2 gates
  6. Enter the Sewer at night time
  7. Walk through the sewer to the ladder below Secure No.2
  8. Climb the ladder at 10pm (no sooner)
  9. Open the door to the storage with no one seeing
  10. Get the forklift at the gate and drive it to the storage facility
  11. Load the forklift with two boxes
  12. Switch off the power so the guard goes to investigate
  13. Escape!
  14. The Duck at the Workshop will assist with opening boxes

That is everything you need to know about robbing the Port! Next up, check out how to get a hole in one in Sneaky Sasquatch. Good luck.

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How to Rob The Port in Sneaky Sasquatch – Guide


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