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How to Return Cargo in Contraband Police

How to Return Cargo in Contraband Police
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In Contraband Police, you may occasionally get vehicles that are transporting cargo. Acaristan has a very strict cargo transport ruleset, so you need to ensure that each vehicle’s cargo list is 100% accurate.

To ensure cargo accuracy, you might have to unpack cargo to get a better look around, especially in the smaller vehicles. Once you’re done inspecting, you have to put the cargo back. Today, we’ll show you how to return cargo in Contraband Police.

Returning cargo to the vehicle in Contraband Police

While inspecting the back of a cargo transport vehicle, you can press the E key to unpack the cargo and send it to the field for temporary storage.

Unpacking cargo allows you to climb into the back of the vehicle and examine things more closely, which lets you generate a more accurate cargo report.

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Once you’re done checking the cargo accuracy, it’s time to finish up your examination. Check to see if the driver’s papers are verified, and make sure that they’re not carrying any contraband.

If everything checks out, it’s time to return the cargo to the vehicle. Talk to Constable Maximov, who is the same person you talk to when you need to clear out the inspection zone after arresting someone.

When you have cargo sitting out in the open field, Constable Maximov will have an additional option for you to pick, which returns the cargo to the vehicle.

If you’re feeling silly about not knowing how to return cargo, don’t worry about it! It took us a while to realize you had to talk to Constable Maximov in order to do it, and the game didn’t really make it clear that’s what you had to do.

Anyway, we hope our guide helps you, and now you know how to return cargo in Contraband Police. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Return Cargo in Contraband Police


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